The truck fleet

We are orientated mainly to the transport of temperature sensitive goods, however complex transport services are provided in order to make every customer satisfied by all different types of vehicles in our truck fleet. Rolling-stock contains mainly tanker trucks and the special vehicles for the collection of milk. The matter of course is that these special vehicles are equipped with unique mechanisms and devices. The fleet contains trucks with 24t – 28t of utility weight.



The transportation of milk and food-load is particularly unique; therefore we dedicate exceptional attention and initiative. Since the company establishment we have managed uncountable volume of successful loadings. Thus, our main concern is to monitor and control each of the freight closely. Moreover, to be ready and to predict is extremely important.




Transport of milk collection


Lorries and Trucks – MAN, Mercedes, Volvo, Renault

Trailers – Jansky, Schwarte




Tanker truck transport


Trucks – Volvo, Mercedes, Scania, Iveco Stralis

Isothermal, pressurized or heated trailers – Magyar, Maisonneuve, Menci SL 105, Menci-Grapar, Menci-Santi, Technokar Grapar




Refrigerated truck transport


Lorries and Trucks – Volvo, Iveco, Mercedes, Renault

Cooling trailers – Thermoking, Carrier



Tilt truck transport


Trucks – Volvo a Iveco Stralis

Trailers– Krone a Schmitz